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Skolkovo and NAMIKS are to cooperate

21 Sep '11
The Skolkovo Fund and the National Agency of Low-Rise and Cottage Development (NAMIKS) have signed an agreement on cooperation, the Skolkovo innovation centers Development Fund reports.

The document was reportedly signed by Victor Maslakov, the Fund vice-president and the city-manager of the Skolkovo innovation center, and Elena Nikolayeva, the president of NAMIKS, at the 10th International Investment Forum Sochi-2011.

The agreement fixes the parties intentions to cooperate in projects on construction of low-rise buildings in the innovation complex. The parties are to develop innovation houses that will first appear in Skolkovo, and starting with 2014 this technology is to be massively applied throughout Russia.

Within the cooperation with NAMIKS, the Skolkovo Fund is to realize a project on construction of a modern plant to process waste from production and consumption based on high-temperature plasma technology, as well as creation of an energy unit to provide the Skolkovo center with electrical and thermal energy.

Under the reached agreements, NAMIKS is to bring in designers and constructors, participate in selection of projects, suggest projects to the Skolkovo Fund, provide expert and consulting services to developers, and organize media publicity of these projects.

The Skolkovo Fund, from its side, is to contribute suggestions on architectural design solutions and facilities planning, assist in organization and technical activities, interact with NAMIKS on the issues of implementing modern technologies of construction of low-rise housing in the innovation center.

The National Agency of Low-Rise and Cottage Development (NAMIKS) is a non-profit partnership, uniting companies from the low-rise construction market, founded in 2007.

The Agency includes organizations of various profiles: developers and constructors, producers of materials and equipment for low-rise construction, and financial organizations.
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