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20 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
IT solution for drug candidate’s efficacy verification
15 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
Artificial intelligence improves agricultural productivity
1 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
With new technology, limb prosthetic device can “feel”
19 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation
Yandex launches delivery by robots at the University of Arizona
5 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation
Unmanned vehicle for city streets and country terrain
14 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian courier mail robots can now sort parcels
28 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian robot serves museum visitors in Kazakhstan
28 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
IT-conference SECON (June 19-20, 2021)
14 Jan | Volga| Finance, business
Russia finalizes plan to reform development institutions
10 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian developer rolls out its remote ECG decoding system
2 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation
Unmanned car takes to St. Petersburg streets
19 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
Non-contact temperature measurement device made in Moscow
5 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
National Industrial Forum (Moscow, December 6, 2019)
5 Dec | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
Moscow-based seed stage funds support new VR tech
19 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
Russian developer offers VR parks for gaming
29 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
New sensor and IC building technique developed in Russia
11 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation
Siberian walk-through detector ‘knows’ exactly where danger sits
11 Jun | Features & updates| Real estate| Technology & innovation
Russia masterminds its International Medical Cluster—for now only for Moscow
2 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation
Annual Investment Meeting 2015 focuses in Foreign Direct Investment
12 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation
UAE Ministry of Economy steps up preparations for 5th Annual Investment Meeting 2015
15 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation| Real estate
Russo-English team develops ‘invisibility cloak’ for buildings in seismic areas
26 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation
In Russia, researchers ‘tame’ nanoparticles, making them ‘smart’
16 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
New ‘nano-clothes’ for inpatients to create ‘no-flight zones’ for germs
3 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
Nizhny Novgorod develops university-based biomed innovation cluster
4 Feb | Features & updates| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
American at the wheel of university innovation in Nizhny Novgorod: Nurturing a culture of market-driven research
22 Oct | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
New SEZ residents develop software, treat heart, and repair spacecraft gear
9 Jul | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
Kaliningrad enclave crafts innovation development cluster
15 Feb | Volga| Real estate
Far East’s Primorsky works out techno-park projects across region
3 Dec | Volga| Finance, business
Russia to bump up Far East and Baikal Region Development Fund by 200 times
13 Nov | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Kendrick White: “We cannot wait another twenty years”
13 Nov | Volga| Transport, logistics| Technology & innovation
St. Pete subway to screen out suspects for terrorism; ‘smart’ cameras to keep vigil
4 Oct | Volga| Finance, business| Transport, logistics
Rusnano approves its first-ever exit; 27% IRR expected
4 Sep | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
Science cities and closed economic formations to enjoy Skolkovo-like benefits?
27 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation| Materials, extraction
Geonod invents new method of oil and gas exploration in deep sea
25 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
Moglino SEZ opens outside Pskov
9 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
ELVIS-NeoTech present detection and tracking complex Orwell 2k-Touch
3 Jul | Volga| Real estate
Tomsk SEZ residents to get low-rise housing
25 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation
Regional rankings confirm Tatarstan’s innovation momentum; new territories emerge on Russia’s high tech map
14 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation
Rostelecom’s e-records to relieve Russian medicine’s paperwork burden
19 Apr | Volga| Technology & innovation
70 Russian regions connected to federal e-government system
11 Apr | Volga| Technology & innovation| Transport, logistics
Nizhny Novgorod Airport looks for designers of new terminal
15 Mar | Volga| Telecoms, media| Technology & innovation
Marchmont PULSE!, another competitive insight into Russia's fast-moving innovation economy
29 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation
Sintegal to develop neurology disorder treatment in Tomsk SEZ
15 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation| Telecoms, media
Rostelecom gets $220,000 state contracts with Buryatia
10 Feb | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Marchmont’s focus on innovation: new X-ray machines that care for patients
10 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation
Siberian scientists create liver cirrhosis medicine
8 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation
INTEN to launch production of solar collectors
17 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation
Virial now resides in St. Petersburg SEZ
12 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation
Tomsk SEZ will get five new residents
10 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation
Stavropol region eyes two industrial parks
7 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
Eva and INTECHNO develop suit for kids with ICP
9 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation
Singapore’s JURONG cooperates with Pskov industrial complexes
6 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation
Skolkovo needs $4.2bn finance on development by 2015
9 Sep | Features & updates| Technology & innovation| Industry, manufacturing
Marchmont’s focus on innovation: Tomsk’s hi-tech nano-powders
26 Jul | Volga| Farming, agriculture| Technology & innovation
New sort of tea bred and patented in Adygeya
12 Jul | Volga| Finance, business| Telecoms, media
Sberbank’s Volgo-Vyatsky bank switches to online client support
6 Jun | Volga| Farming, agriculture
New potato sorts to be grown in the Republic of Altay
26 Apr | Volga| Technology & innovation
Skolkovo innovation center to be launched in 2014
25 Mar | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Marchmont’s focus on innovation: Sibspark’s electrochemical generators and more
17 Mar | Volga| Finance, business
Alabuga SEZ places $102m follow-on shares
16 Mar | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Russky Island in Primorsky region eyes SEZ
11 Mar | Features & updates| Tourism, recreation
Dubai, the Great Barrier Reef, Antalya…Plyos?
24 Jan | Volga| Transport, logistics
Yoshkar-Ola roads to get $6.4m repairs
26 Nov | Volga| Tourism, recreation| Real estate
Rostov eyes $26m Pushkinsky leisure complex
23 Nov | Volga| Energy, utilities
Udmurtia’s $336m Clean Water Program for 2011-2015
13 Oct | Features & updates
Siberia’s $1bn ski resort eyes upscale Chinese
29 Sep | Features & updates
A new era for coal: RF’s $530m Kuzbass Coal Science City
9 Aug | Volga| Tourism, recreation
RF’s $1.65bn Baikal Lake protection program
30 Jul | Features & updates
Tourism in the Golden Ring gets a $330m polish
28 Jul | Features & updates
Primorsky bets $1.2bn on a roll of the dice
10 Jun | Volga| Finance, business
Russian innovation on a roll—RF announces $1.3bn Ulyanovsk cluster
9 Jun | Features & updates
Russian innovation on a roll—RF announces $1.3bn Ulyanovsk cluster
4 Jun | Volga| Farming, agriculture
Schelkovo-Agrokhim to build $17.5m beetroot seed plant
3 Jun | Volga| Real estate
Ufa eyes $900m Kustarevsky residential complex
25 May | Volga| Tourism, recreation
$34.5m contract to build Altay Valley SEZ auctioned
27 Apr | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Tornado to build $12m leisure complex in Azov-City
23 Apr | Features & updates
LocomoSky puts $660m into hot air
21 Apr | Volga| Energy, utilities
Irkutsk region needs $34.5m on works around Boguchansk GES
9 Mar | Volga| Tourism, recreation
M-Industry to build $1bn resort in Stavropol region
11 Feb | Features & updates
The Chinese bet $165m on Azov-City gambling zone
1 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation| Tourism, recreation
Novosibirsk eyes $7.6m planetarium
28 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation
Business leaders Investment Forum in Samara
19 Jan | Volga| Finance, business
Yakutia’s jewelry and tourist SEZ announced
15 Jan | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Udmurtia’s Demidov sports center to get $5.1m overhaul
23 Nov | Features & updates| Finance, business
Russia needs a new mentality: it’s ok to be an entrepreneur
29 Oct | Volga| Materials, extraction
Rosneft to invest $1.4bn in Yurubchenko-Tokhomsky deposit in 2010
28 Oct | Volga| Real estate
Latis to build residential complex in Omsk after crisis
8 Oct | Volga
VEB pumps $1.2bn into the future of Far East shipbuilding
21 Sep | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Adler eyes $19.3m Doubletree by Hilton
18 Sep | Volga| Energy, utilities
Chelyabinsk region’s $1.3bn water program
8 Sep | Volga| Farming, agriculture
Bashkiria gets $63m poultry complex
3 Sep | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Nizhny Novgorod eyes $47m Victory Park
6 Aug | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Adygeya to spend $64m on tourism
14 Jul | Volga| Real estate
Who can build $125m residential complex in Omsk?
30 Jun | Features & updates| Finance, business
Outsourcing: China’s competitive edge over Russia
29 Jun | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Rostov gambling in no hurry for closing
25 Jun | Volga| Finance, business
RF hopes for easier SEZ access law
11 Jun | Features & updates
Russia’s new gambling zones: a sucker’s bet?
1 Jun | Volga| Real estate| Technology & innovation
Tomsk SEZ eyes $104m business center
25 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
RosOEZ to invest $120m in Tomsk SEZ in 2009
8 May | Features & updates
The GoForward Plan to Scaling Up Innovation – Part I
19 Mar | Volga| Tourism, recreation| Real estate
Imorbi to build $165m residential and hotel complex in Sochi
18 Mar | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Dardiel-SKI to build Kuliga-Park in Tyumen region
17 Mar | Volga| Real estate
Moscow's Rodex in $60.3m Perm cottage plans
20 Feb | Volga| Finance, business| Industry, manufacturing
Zabaikalsky region submits plans of eight SEZs with $2.1bn investments
2 Feb | Volga| Tourism, recreation
$122m for infrastructure in Altay's Biryuzovaya SEZ
30 Jan | Features & updates
From Year-End Review: Successful innovation is more than a big idea
20 Jan | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Olympic skiing lane expected outside Irkutsk
20 Jan | Features & updates
From Year-End Review: Verkhnechonskoye field – black jewel of East Siberia
12 Jan | Volga| Energy, utilities
Rostovenergo to set up $3.2m mobile substation at Azov
8 Dec | Volga| Finance, business
$31.5bn Tomsk development plan unveiled
1 Dec | Volga| Tourism, recreation
$6.3bn tourist and leisure complex scheme for Astrakhan
1 Dec | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Saratov in line for new $73m Volga embankment
17 Oct | Volga| Finance, business
Samara spends $2m to consider an SEZ
30 Sep | Volga| Energy, utilities
RF puts up $374m for Altay SEZ's
22 Sep | Volga| Tourism, recreation
RF approves $611.2m Altay tourist SEZ
22 Sep | Volga| Real estate
Sberbank and Development-Yug ink $39.7m housing deal
11 Sep | Volga| Tourism, recreation
RF touts investment in Altai SEZ
4 Aug | Volga| Transport, logistics
Glavtorg takes $50m flier on Gorno-Altaysk Arport
21 Jul | Features & updates
City On Water to emerge in Nizhny
16 Jul | Features & updates
Nizhny's Tezaurus betting $205m on world-class logistics
11 Jul | Volga| Real estate
Ru Development to carry out $480m projects in Krasnodar
7 Jul | Features & updates
Nizhny to develop projects on land and ON WATER?
2 Jul | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Rostov to come up with $128m gambling strategy
18 Jun | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Two Crazy Parks set for Omsk
12 May | Volga| Finance, business
Officials: $927m to be attracted for special port zones
29 Apr | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Biruzovaya Katun tourist zone posts $20m Q1 profits.
16 Apr | Volga| Retail, FMCG
Baucenter-Rus plan for $20m department store in NN
14 Apr | Volga| Finance, business| Transport, logistics
NN sets out 8 areas to receive status of 'investment zones'
22 Feb | Volga
Investitsionny plans Russia’s largest family park in Rostov
18 Feb | Volga| Transport, logistics
Sanna-Litier to build multi-modal Rostov-on Don logistics complex
30 Jan | Volga
Avangard to build concrete factory in Altay region
17 Dec | Volga
Irkutsk agglomeration to get more than $12.25m investment
11 Dec | Volga
Exim Development to invest $2bn in development of recreation areas in Karachay-Cherkessia
3 Dec | Volga
Rostov allocates $8b for six greenfield zones and other projects
28 Nov | Volga
The Altay Republic book a long stay in the tourist industry
22 Nov | Volga
Companies come to Tomsk’s “Special Economic Zone”
15 Nov | Volga
Tomsk delegation visits Taiwan, scientific cooperation pact signed
14 Nov | Volga
Novosibirsk’s technopark attracts 80 firms
13 Nov | Volga
Krasnodar city center to be revitalized
7 Nov | Volga
Russian resorts 'can't compete with Turkey'
26 Oct | Volga
Aston Group to build residential complex
19 Oct | Volga
Tomsk region has two vectors of development
23 Aug | Volga
Taller Capital invests in a retail-industrial zone

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