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8 Oct | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
St. Petersburg sorbent to remove harmful biochemicals from sewage
5 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation| Materials, extraction
Siberian solution uses waste to clean waters
14 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation
Brown coal based sorbent for lake water purification
18 Aug | Volga| Finance, business| Industry, manufacturing
Carbon sorbents developer gets grant and investment
12 Jan | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Technology & innovation
Nanofiber that cleans air: Novosibirsk endeavor
30 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian and Slovenian scientists develop new integrated cancer therapy
5 Aug | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Technology & innovation
Far East’s Kamchatka to set up new nanotech site
23 Jan | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
How Siberians learn to catch molecules with carbon ‘fishing nets’
5 Sep | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
Bankers give green light to five Nizhny Novgorod high-tech projects
17 Apr | Volga| Real estate| Industry, manufacturing
Rice husk to turn into silicon-containing materials in Russia’s South
5 Feb | Features & updates| Technology & innovation| Materials, extraction
Russian and US researchers discover new “phenomenally rapid” radioactive waste cleaner
23 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
Tomsk nanobandage “Vitavallis” to go on export
27 Jan | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Marchmont’s focus on innovation: Ural nano-particles to clean soils and upgrade data carriers
18 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation| Industry, manufacturing
Production of nano-composites launched in Metaclay
30 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation
Tomsk markets “unparalleled” next gen wound nano-bandage
5 Mar | Volga| Energy, utilities
Nano-prospects for Kemerovo coals

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