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20 Sep | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
Kortik-Service, RVC’s accelerator for regional innovators
8 Jun | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Surgutneftegaz to invest $1.46bn in Kirishsky oil refinery KINEF in 2011
13 Jan | Volga| Materials, extraction
Surgutneftegaz buys Agapsky gas field for $3.7m
29 Dec | Volga| Real estate| Energy, utilities
Surgutneftegaz to invest $39m in Khanty-Mansiysk housing and utilities
8 Feb | Volga| Materials, extraction
Surgutneftegaz’s Leningrad subsidiary to close
27 Nov | Volga| Materials, extraction
Surgutneftegaz gets oil field for $3.5m
18 Jun | Volga| Finance, business| Materials, extraction
Yakutia’s ALROSA and Surgutneftegaz tax benefits passed
11 Jun | Volga| Materials, extraction
Surgutneftegaz’s 2m t of Talakan oil posted
14 May | Volga| Materials, extraction
Surgutneftegaz pays $51.7m for East-Talakan license
30 Mar | Volga| Materials, extraction
Surgutneftegaz purchases 21.2% in Hungarian MOL for $1.8bn
26 Mar | Volga| Finance, business| Materials, extraction
Authorities want deal over Surgutneftegaz prices
5 Mar | Volga| Materials, extraction
Surgutneftegaz eyes auction decision on East Talakan
13 Feb | Volga| Materials, extraction
Surgutneftegaz eyes $187bn oil refinery?
3 Feb | Volga| Materials, extraction
$1.7bn set as start for East Talakan tender
20 Jan | Features & updates
From Year-End Review: Verkhnechonskoye field – black jewel of East Siberia
5 May | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Moscow firms wins $2m Dzerzhinskhimmash tender
14 Mar | Volga
Surgutneftegaz to invest $506.7m in geological exploration
8 Oct | Volga
VMZ increases its pipe production output by 24%

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