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10 Sep | Volga| Farming, agriculture| Finance, business
Russian AgTech start-up helps domestic, American and Canadian farmers
2 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
With new Skoltech technology, no carbon dioxide emissions in methane-hydrogen conversion
2 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian developers smarten up separate waste collection
29 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation
Siberian startup has created an innovative frostbite cream
19 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian distance learning project awarded
1 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian developer to supply optical equipment to U.S.
20 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation
Developer turns motorcycle into snowbike
6 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation
Eco-rubber tech developed in Russia
21 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian optical transformer production localized in Switzerland
17 Apr | Volga| Technology & innovation
Moscow company to deliver innovative optical transformers to Canada
26 Feb | Features & updates| Transport, logistics| Technology & innovation
New RFID tech for luggage loss prevention at airports and airlines
19 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian ischemia test developer among global top 10 in Riyadh
13 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation
VOX ANGELIS 2019 (Moscow, September 13-15, 2019)
13 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
Russian developers offer internationally focused edtech
28 Nov | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
Canada’s Corel acquires Russia’s virtualization specialist Parallels in all-cash deal
11 Sep | Volga| Finance, business
VTB acceleration: fintech, AI and blockchain drive start-ups’ interest
27 May | Volga| Telecoms, media
Russia advances in global open data ranking
21 Oct | Volga| Finance, business
Western corporate VC funds on their way to Russia
15 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russia announces its new Ebola vaccines
10 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation| Industry, manufacturing
Renowned international scientists commend Russian driverless vehicle project
17 Feb | Volga| Telecoms, media| Finance, business
Yota clinches contract to sell its smartphone in China
18 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
Russia’s Qrator Labs to fight bots in U.S.; seeks entry into Canada
24 Nov | Volga| Finance, business| Telecoms, media
Russian VC fund injects $250,000 in Ukrainian start-up to conquer Western markets
11 Sep | Features & updates| Finance, business
Bringing projects to fruition in Russia is “more than possible,” Royal Society of Chemistry director believes
25 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation
Forest Patrol reaches semifinal at Cisco’s Grand Challenge
25 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation
MINEX CONFERENCE «Russian Mining – business prospects and challenges»
2 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation
Vladivostok’s submersible robots world’s 3rd after US’ RoboSub 2013
1 Aug | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Nizhny Novgorod team offers high-tech forest fire prevention across Russia
25 Jul | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
Russia approves biotech and genetic engineering development roadmap
5 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russia makes its quantum leap towards developing quantum computer
6 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
Moscow State University ranks 50th globally, The Times says
27 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation| Retail, FMCG
Irkutsk innovators to launch new nano-based paint
26 Feb | Features & updates| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
Andrus Reo orchestrates international biotech effort as Russian teams ratchet up war against cancer
29 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russia’s education system ranks world’s twentieth
14 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation
Canadians seek North-Caucasus technologies
13 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation
Yekaterinburg hosts international nanotech forum
7 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
Skolkovo and Canada’s Inerjys agree to go clean
2 Aug | Volga| Energy, utilities
Russia ranked among most energy-efficient global economies
24 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
International multisize coating project gets G8 Grant
20 Apr | Volga| Technology & innovation
Tomsk companies establish international partnerships
10 Apr | Volga| Technology & innovation
RUSNANO to sell 10% shares to investors in 2012
11 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
Cambridge hosts forum for Russian-speaking scientists
19 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian scientists invent new cancer treatment method
17 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation
Lanit buys Canadian company Evident Point
14 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation| Energy, utilities
RUSNANO gets 20.72% shares in Canada’s Nesscap Energy
5 Oct | Volga| Energy, utilities| Technology & innovation
RUSNANO to finance Nesscap’s super-condensates production
6 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
Yury Milner invests into China’s Innovation Works Fund
10 Aug | Features & updates| Technology & innovation| Industry, manufacturing
RF-EU consortium injects $115m into stem cell pharma venture
6 Apr | Volga| Materials, extraction
Kinross to buy remaining 25% in Kupol gold and silver deposit for $350m
14 Feb | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Rostselmash buys Canada’s Ezee-On for $14.5m
7 Feb | Volga| Farming, agriculture
Tula’s Korablino hopes its $40m upgrade will bring home the bacon
31 Jan | Features & updates| Technology & innovation| Materials, extraction
Marchmont Advisory Board Review
16 Dec | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Energy, utilities
RusHydro and France’s Alstom join forces to create major hydropower JV
29 Oct | Features & updates| Industry, manufacturing
GAZ’s Volga Siber, Russia’s most expensive lemon, runs out of juice
15 Oct | Features & updates
RusHydro zaps new life into Bashkortostan with $830m energy plan
24 Sep | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Transport, logistics
Vityaz to build $17m Canadian aircraft complex in Ulyanovsk
22 Sep | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Canada’s Magna launches $99m car parts plant outside St. Pete
31 Aug | Volga| Materials, extraction
Kinross Gold buys deposits in Chukotka for $165m and 10 million shares
17 Aug | Volga| Materials, extraction
Polymetal buys Svetloye gold deposit in Khabarovsk region for $9.25m
5 Aug | Volga| Materials, extraction
Kinross to buy two gold and silver deposits in Chukotka for $365m
29 Jun | Volga| Materials, extraction
Canada’s Fortress to sell Far East gold project for $9.25m
29 Apr | Features & updates
Denmark’s Rurik puts $260m into pork
19 Apr | Volga| Farming, agriculture
Rurik’s $260m Russian pig farms aired
22 Dec | Volga| Materials, extraction
Kinross Gold’s Chukotka gold survey eyed
12 Nov | Volga| Finance, business
Investors advised to invest in female directors
24 Aug | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
UMPO signs $3m contract with Pratt & Whitney Canada
7 Aug | Volga| Transport, logistics
AirVolga expands fleet with $150m CRJ-200s
9 Jul | Volga| Energy, utilities
Greta Energy to build $235m wind farms around Eysk
8 Jul | Features & updates
Russia’s auto sector continues to founder
23 Jun | Volga| Materials, extraction
Gazprom doesn’t need Lopukhovsky
18 Jun | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Inleskom to build $33m timber complex in Ingushetia
17 Jun | Features & updates| Industry, manufacturing
GAZ lets LDV slip away
9 Jun | Volga| Materials, extraction
Nezhdaninskoye’s 478 t reserves posted
5 Jun | Volga| Materials, extraction
Kinross mulls over $1bn Nezhdaninskoye gold
29 May | Volga| Transport, logistics
Russian Railways to purchase $775m Bombardier trains
29 May | Features & updates
Taiga Gold JV loses its glitter
27 May | Features & updates
Oleg Deripaska tries to steer RusAl and GAZ out of trouble
21 May | Features & updates
Shtokman LNG/gas project: Gazprom brings in global players
13 May | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
GAZ to build Opels in Nizhny?
6 May | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
GAZ Group, Sberbank and Magna want $6.6bn piece in Opel
27 Apr | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Sodruzhestvo’s $44m Rostselmash move posted
17 Apr | Volga| Energy, utilities
Greta Energy’s $910m wind plans posted
13 Apr | Volga| Materials, extraction
Gazprom 'reconsidering' Canada gas export move
8 Apr | Volga| Farming, agriculture
Adygeisky’s $50m Adygeya pig farm unveiled
7 Apr | Volga| Materials, extraction
Silver Bear continues Endyval silver search till 2011
26 Mar | Features & updates
Oleg Deripaska looks for a handout
26 Mar | Volga| Energy, utilities
Consortium ponders $220m Sochi hydro project
19 Mar | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Canada's Magna confirms $26m Kaluzhsky plant plans
13 Mar | Volga| Materials, extraction
Barrick gets closer to platinoids, eyes $670m factory
27 Jan | Volga| Materials, extraction
Polus Zoloto & Kinross in $1bn Yakutia gold-mining
6 Jan | Features & updates
Nizhny: the new Russian Hollywood?
18 Dec | Volga| Transport, logistics| Industry, manufacturing
KMA and Canada's Manac roll out $35mJV
15 Dec | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
LUPEX's $5m dairy packaging plant
29 Sep | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Kuban Waste's $8.3m recycling plan
29 Sep | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Magistral and Canadian group form wood products JV
19 Sep | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Uralskaya Kuznitsa passes AAR certification
17 Sep | Volga| Transport, logistics
Transmasholding locomotive plant to cost
8 Sep | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Buhler to sell Rostselmash tractors in the EU
29 Aug | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Ak-Bars in Korean JV for Tatarstan chemical plant
29 Aug | Features & updates
NLMK’s U.S. pipe dreams
27 Aug | Volga| Real estate
Rusfin-Sibir in $300m Omsk cottage settlement move
19 Aug | Volga| Finance, business
Sarator region foreign turnover figures released
18 Aug | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Le Pain Quotidien to serve $3m coffee
15 Aug | Volga| Transport, logistics
Bugulma Air pays $36m for Canadian jets
4 Aug | Volga| Finance, business| Industry, manufacturing
Canada’s Magna takes over Nizhny’s Tekhnoplast
16 Jul | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
$147m oil refinery to be built in Irkutsk, bidders welcomed
7 Jul | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Tagil’s Iron&Steel to pump $586.4m into rail overhaul
16 Jun | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Penza farmers to bolster cattle head through heavy imports
4 Jun | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Canada’s Magna to build Chrysler in Nizhny Novgorod
4 Jun | Volga| Finance, business
TMK raises $1.3bn to purchase Canadian IPSCO
17 Mar | Volga
Yevraz has purchased Canadian firm IPSCO for $4.025bn
19 Feb | Volga
Canada’s Lovat to begin work on $40.6m Chelyabinsk metro
25 Dec | Volga
Trierenberg Holding AG thinks of placing its production facilities in Rostov
14 Dec | Volga
Kuzbass receives the most foreign investment in Siberia
3 Dec | Volga
The GAZ group to up investment in the US to 1.2 billion dollars
21 Nov | Volga
$600m world class medical center to be built in Nizhniy Novgorod
16 Aug | Volga
Shantsev: region to test new road-building technology
16 Jul | Volga
US firms in NN cancer project investment

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