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PET-Technology to build PET center in Tomsk to diagnose early-stage cancer

29 Jul '13
PET-Technology, a Rusnano project company, has unveiled plans to build in Siberias Tomsk a positron-emission tomography (PET) center for early cancer diagnostics, the Tomsk regional administration announced last week.

The company wants to invest between $30m and $36m in the construction of the facility and the manufacture of y-tracers for the center, the region says. The Tomsk universities are expected to provide a scientific base and a supplier of skilled staff for the future center.

According to the source, scientists of Tomsk-based Siberian State Medical University developed in 2011 their own technology for production of PET-compatible y-tracers which could fully substitute for imports.

In addition to the Tomsk site, PET-Technology is pushing similar projects in Central Russia and in the Republic of Bashkortostan (the mid-Volga area).

Cancer is the second deadliest biological killer in the region with the incidence of 212.6 cases per 100,000 people.

PET technology is believed to be the most precise in diagnosing oncology diseases at early stages. Experts reckon that Russia needs at least 140 such PET centers across the country. However, there are still less than 20, with the only operational PET center east of the Urals in Khabarovsk, in Russias Far East.
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