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Ivanovo region to build energy-efficient town-houses

11 Aug '11
Construction of town-houses under innovative technology using energy-efficient and ecological materials is to take place in Ivanovo region for the first time this year, news agency Cleandex reports citing Andrey Chuzhbinkin, the deputy chairman of the government of Ivanovo region.

Fast-built town-houses are apartment blocks with two or three entries up to three stories high are scheduled to be built by the end of this year in seven municipal districts in Ivanovo region Ivanovsky, Komsomolsky, Lezhnevsky, Rodnikovsky, Privolzhsky, Gavrilovo-Posadsky and Ilyinsky districts, that have been included into the regional program for building low-rise housing.

The new technologies are first of all to be used in construction of low-rise houses for Ivanovo region residents under the program to relocate citizenry from slum housing. By the end of 2011 we plant to build about ten town-houses with total residential area of 7,000-10,000 square meters, Mr. Chuzhbinkin said.

According to him, the houses are to be built using energy-efficient heat insulators that dont crumble or burn easily, significantly save expenses on heating. Construction is to be carried out by local developers that have mastered the new technology, as well as developers from other regions.

Mr. Chuzhbinkin told journalists that building new low-rise houses the authorities intend to keep up positive dynamics of growth of new housing construction in Ivanovo region, that has appeared after the economic crisis.

According to news site DOMEX, the eco-house specifics is the layer of pulp heat insulator that is laid between building frame panels. A two storey multi-apartment residential housing can be built with this technology in two to three months, expenses on heating the eco-house are significantly lower, than a brick building, Andrey Chuzhbinkin said.

One square meters in an eco-house is to cost 24,950 Rubles ($850), the official specified.
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