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Governor asks for help

1 Jun '07

Governor Shantsev asked Sergey Ivanov First Vice Prime-Ministerto help build a south by-pass around NN.

He voiced his request during his meeting with Sergey Ivanov which took place on May 30 in the city of Vyksa, the Nizhny Novgorod region.

The governor reminded that Nizhny Novgorod stood on the criss-cross of two transport corridors, namely Wesst-East and North-South.

Commercial transport, 22 tons heavy trucks pass through the city center thus blocking the bridges over the Oka river, said Valery Shantsev.

He also underlined that he had already discussed this problem with Russiaís President Vladimir Putin.

The president promised to help speed up the process of building the by-passing road. But still, according to our estimation we wonít be able to finish the construction before 2010. I would like to ask you to help accelerate the construction of the by-pass, expressed his wish Valery Shansev.

During a pres-conference Sergey Ivanov admitted that the region had evident problems with the quality of roads, but he also pointed out that it was impossible to completely solve the transport problem in Rusia solely at the expense of the federal budget.

It is planned to finish the construction of the south by-passing road before 2010. The regional government plans to allocate additional 200 million rubles from the territorial road construction fund. Moreover, the federal government intends to allocate 2 billion rubles annually starting from 2007 for the same purpose.

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