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RF government: VSTO completion seen in 2014

28 Apr '09
The East Siberia – Pacific (VSTO) oil pipeline project’s second stage will be fully built in 2014, vice-premier Igor Sechin claimed today.

According to Mr. Sechin, resources are available to feed the pipeline and the project will pay off.

Among the East Siberian sources to provide crude oil he named the Talakan oil field to give about 6 million tons, the Verkhechonskoye field (9 million tons) and the Vankorskoye field capable of providing as much as 25 million tons of crude oil.

As the vice-premier also said, there are other oil fields recently discovered in East Siberia, which have not been developed yet and are potentially capable of yielding about 17 million tons.

The VSTO oil pipeline is being built on the territory of Amur and Primorsky regions to ensure oil deliveries to Asian-Pacific countries. The first stage to be commissioned in December 2009 will reportedly have the capacity of 30 million tons a year; the second stage capacity is to reach 50 million.