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Siberian oil-refining catalyst as perceived step to sector modernization

4 Jul '14
Researchers at Tomsk State University (TSU) in Siberia have received a $1.3m grant from the Russian Ministry of Education and Science for the development of what is believed to be an efficient new catalyst for the petrochemical industry, reported.

The catalyst is designed for use in oil refining, particularly for the production of unsaturated hydrocarbons which are valuable raw material for polymer synthesis.

In Russia, a range of obsolete technologies from the old Soviet times are still used in a variety of catalytic oil-refining processesin sharp contrast to the worlds leading refineries that have been adopting up-to-date and efficient methods, underscored Grigory Mamontov, a senior research fellow at TSUs catalytic study lab.

The Tomsk catalyst will come in a granulated form, which is expected to enable a reduction of energy consumption when performing catalytic processes. Another assumed advantage that the developers hope will revolutionize Russias oil refining is the depth of the processing of petroleum ingredients and an increase in end product yield. Any negative impact on the environment will also be minimized, the researchers believe.

The development of this new catalyst will become a presage of broader modernization of existing production sites and will pave the way for the setup of world-class oil refineries in the Russian Federation, Mr. Mamontov believes.
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