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More diamond, gold and platinum reported in Far East

13 May '09
More diamond reserves in Russia’s Far East have been explored, the RF government reported today.

According to the report, the International diamond pipe in Yakutia, developed by ALROSA, has 14.1 million ABC1 category carats more than it was previously estimated.

The Solur-East area reserves, developed by Almazy Anabara, have also been reported. ABC1 category reserves have reportedly increased by 5.9 million carats.

In a separate report the RF government has shown growth of gold and platinum reserves at two fields in Russia’s Far East.

In Kamchatka, ABC1 category platinum reserves in the Levtyrinyvam River basin, developed by
Karyakgeoldobycha, have reportedly increased by 95.1 kilos.

In addition, in Amur Region, C2 category gold reserves by the Oroldyan stream, developed by OOO Oroldyan, have increased by 148.9 kilos, the RF government reported.