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Rosneftís $2.6bn new Russian-built oil vessels aired

1 Jan '10
By 2018 oil company Rosneft will place $2.5-2.6bn worth of orders for a total of 47 drilling platforms and ships with Russian dockyards, company president Sergei Bogdanchikov announced earlier this week.

At the moment, a $700m drilling platform, the first of the mentioned, is reportedly being built at the Zvezda factory in Primorsky Regionís town of Bolshoi Kamen.

According to Mr. Bogdanchikov, other platforms of approximately the same cost, like this first one, will also be built at United Shipbuilding Corporation subsidiaries. In November 2009 Rosneft and USC reportedly inked a contract for 11 vessels of various types.

Rosneft intends to bore 70 new wells on the Russian sea shelf by 2020, the company president said, adding that this would give an additional 500 million tons of oil.