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Adygeya looking for $16m to build gypsum plant

3 Aug '09
Authorities in the Republic of Adygeya are reportedly looking for $16m investment to build a plant to produce gypsum in Maykop, regional officials report.

Under the project, the plant is to produce gypsum building materials to be used for housing interior decorations. The plants projected annual capacity is 24,000 tons of dry mixtures, 6-8 million square meters of gypsum boards and 100,000 square meters of gypsum partition blocks.

The plant is reportedly to be located at premises of Maykopgypsstroy in Maykop. The plant is to have four workshops, two administrative buildings and dining room.

The project is to be presented at international investment forum Sochi-2009, to be held in September 17-20.
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