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Online course “Public Relations in State and Municipal Structures” (September 15, 2020)

4 Sep '20
What prevents to build effective PR in the state and municipal structure?

Very soon - on September 15, the online training course of the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Press Service” Timur Aslanov - “Public Relations in State and Municipal Structures” will start.

12 live online lessons. Practical tasks and case studies. Feedback and communication of participants via video link. Diploma.

Who is the course for:
Heads and employees of press services and PR departments, press secretaries and public relations specialists of the following organizations:
- administrations and governments of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation,
- ministries and departments of the regional government,
- regional legislative assemblies and city councils,
- municipalities,
- strong structure,
- budgetary institutions,
- medical, educational and other institutions,
- political parties and social movements,
- trade unions and other public organizations.

What to do to get the most out of your PR work. Why officials are not liked and how to work with this stereotype, how to find the key to the target audience and how to make journalists fall in love with you. What if the chef can't perform in public? You will begin to receive answers to these and other questions from September 15th.

During the course you will learn:
- to build a general strategy of information work for the state/municipal structure,
- manage information flows, work with the information field, public opinion and various groups of the target audience,
- work out current news feeds, create and design new ones, work with other people's news feeds,
- to work effectively with the media, build relationships with journalists,
- to pack information for various target audiences and media, translate from bureaucratic to human,
- build crisis communications and repel information attacks,
- work with the image of the leader and promote his personal brand,
- prepare the head for public speaking and communication with journalists, live broadcasts and interviews,
- build trust among the target audience and minimize negative,
- solve complex communication problems and emerge victorious from information battles.

You can view the course program and buy a ticket here https://clck.ru/QCym3 or call tel. (495) 540-52-76
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