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Digitalization 2020 Conference (Moscow, March 12, 2020)

28 Jan '20
March 12, 2020 in the hotel Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya hotel will be held a practical conference 'Digitalization 2020: government regulation, legal and business practice'.

The objective of the conference is to discuss in a lively discussion format the problematic issues that lawyers have encountered in connection with the integration of digital projects in their own companies, in counterparty and partner companies, as well as in connection with the use of digital technologies in government and control bodies.

Invited to participate: house lawyers, as well as lawyers of specialized consulting companies or practitioners, accompanying business projects of digitalization and regulation of DH; practicing lawyers, notaries, judges; Top managers of companies implementing DH, representatives of the business in the field of digital technologies, creators of new projects; representatives of companies specializing in investment and financial services; Heads and experts of state and local government bodies providing implementation of national projects in the field of digital economy

In a programme:
Current normative legal acts and draft laws in the field of regulation of end-to-end digital technologies (SCT): expert review of short stories, problems of regulation and implementation;
New rules in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on digital rights and crowdfunding, or a revolution that has not yet happened. Where the legislator is moving in the field of regulation of the circulation of digital rights and digital financial instruments;
Legal status of crypto assets and cryptocurrencies: international and Russian aspects. Comparative analysis of the legal possibilities of various jurisdictions;
CFA taxation: what to expect from the regulator (what legislative initiatives are being prepared for consideration);
'Ghost Assets', or Problems of Prevention and Investigation of CFA Crimes;
Digitalization of the sphere of intellectual property: new challenges for a corporate lawyer;
Opportunities and prospects for the development of service companies around decentralized blockchain platforms.

The conference will feature leading experts with practical experience in supporting digital projects, participants in working groups on the legal support of the digital economy.

Organizer - IRSOT.

Full-time participation + online broadcast is available.

This will be a serious discussion by lawyers about the problems of legal regulation and possible solutions to complex issues within the framework of the current legislation. You will get a comprehensive view of the current situation and learn about the immediate plans of the regulators. Welcome! Full-time participation.

There is no opportunity to participate in person? Join the online broadcast and study at any convenient place! Register online.
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