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Far from international turmoil, Intel teams up with Russian technoparks and continues Skolkovo partnership

23 Sep '14
Earlier this month Intel signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Russia’s High-Tech Technopark Association, a nonprofit partnership created in 2011 to implement the Russian government’s strategy for innovative development.

The collaboration encompasses the organization of joint initiatives to develop corporate management systems, enhance HR management techniques, adopt best practices, improve relations with emerging entrepreneurs, and conduct joint project expertise, reported East-West Digital News, the first all English-language online resource dedicated to Russian digital industries.

The US giant will also help the association analyze and assess Russian tech-park activity. “The parties plan to develop and master the methods, criteria and information acquisition and processing system in order to build up a unique national rating of Russian tech parks,” the partners stated.

“Innovative entrepreneurship development is a prerequisite for the acceleration of Russian economic growth, which is why Intel has direct interest in national tech parks support,” said Darya Kiryanova, Intel Operations Manager for Russia and Nordic Countries.

“Intel’s experience and the methodological approaches of the company will become part of future training programs in order to improve operational efficiency of tech parks specialists,” said Andrei Shpilenko, who heads the association.

Intel and the association have already partnered to hold educational initiatives and events in the past.

“Solid foundations” for long-term success

Among Intel’s other partners in Russia is Skolkovo, the international tech hub under completion on the outskirts of Moscow.

“As part of our global strategy to support innovation and high-tech ecosystems, we need strong local partners to offer a significant contribution [in each target country]. I believe Intel is recognized as one of the most active partners of Skolkovo, with which we share experience, best practices and resources. Beyond our research center there, we support all stages of their ‘innovation elevator’,” said Igor Kaloshin, Director of Intel Software LLC (Intel’s R&D center in Skolkovo) in an exchange with East-West Digital News.

When asked to which extent the current international tensions may affect Intel’s cooperation with Russian organizations, Kalsohin answered: “If we are talking about cooperation in the space of innovations, we believe that this is a strategic and long-term cooperation that should not be seriously impacted by current political tensions. Even though the results of such collaboration and ecosystem development will be well visible only in a couple of years, or even decades, we want to make sure that solid foundations for future success be laid now.”

Intel Capital, the multinational corporation’s venture arm, has also confirmed unambiguously its commitment to investing in Russia – as well as in Ukraine – in spite of the current political circumstances.
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