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Successful Start 2009 chooses ten finalists

22 Oct '09
The ten finalists of Successful Start 2009, the contest for the best business project, have been selected. The final will be held under the STARTUP 2009 small business forum in DIVS, Ekaterinburg Palace for team sports, on 23 October at 4pm.

We present you the ten finalists who will be striving for the main prize - a business plan for the best project. The winner will work jointly with the best advisers, economists and lawyers.

Dear visitors of our portal, you have a real chance to determine which project will get the Audience Choice Award.

Under the description of every finalist project there is a rating scale. If you want to support a finalist, simply put a plus in the rating scale. The more pluses our finalists get the more chance they have to win. Remember, the future of the project depends on you as well.

So, here are our finalists.

1. Center for the treatment of sleep disorders and neuroses. Project leader Anna Semkina.

2. The network of hot food vending machines At Klavdiya Petrovna's. Project leader Ian Novitsky.

3. Virtual life in the form of the online game Cyber City. Project leader Vladislav Nitsak.

4. Interactive cooking aid system Culinary Navigator. Project leader Sergey Byvaltsev.

5. Surfacing tool or revolution in plaster works. Project leader Andrey Ovsyannikov.

6. 21 century sensor room. Project leader Sergey Kadatsky.

7. Universal feeding bottle. Project leader Olga Oshurkova.

8. Ultraviolet long-throw cutter. Project leader Dmitry Makarov.

9. Production of touch screen tables. Project leader Alexander Yermakov.

10. The study on possibility of restoring regeneration of fast regenerating tissues via combined multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells and hematopoietic stem cells after exposure to extreme factors. Project leader Dmitry Grebnev.

To our opinion, all the projects proved to be noteworthy. We thank everyone who has taken part in the contest. Your projects will be kept in our database and everyone has chance to get noticed by investors and carve their way.

On top of everything else, Successful Start 2009 is not the only contest that we organize within the scope of our portal. There will be more events, contests and everyone will have chance to win.

We invite everyone to join us for the final of Successful Start 2009 which is to be held in DIVS, Ekaterinburg Palace for team sports, on 23 October at 4pm. You are the best!

The link to the projects: http://biznesbomba.ru/contest/
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