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Conference Program
"Corporate Governance for Post-Crisis Economy"

28 Oct '09
November 24th, 2009
Session 1. Government as Shareholder and as Regulator: Effecting Business Environment and Corporate Governance Practices
Moderator: Alexander Shokhin, RSPP, President

Role of the Government in Economy Regulation in Contemporary World
Mr. Igor Shuvalov, First Vice-Prime Minister (tbc)

System Risks in Economies to be regulated by the Government
Mr. Oleg Vyugin, MDM Bank, Chairman of the Board

Governmental Regulation of Economy in Different Corporate Governance Models
Mr Christian Strenger, DWS Investment GmbH, Director

Raising Corporate Governance Standards and Improving Investors Confidence for Positioning Russia as International Financial Center
Mr. Konstantin Korischenko, MICEX, President

How Governmental Support for Businesses and Buy-Outs of Problem Assets Effect
Corporate Governance Climate
Mr. Peter O’Brien, “ROSNEFT”, vice-president, head of financial advisers group

Professional attornies in the governance of state-owned companies in Russia
Mr. Grigory Berezkin, “ESN” group, Chairman of the Board

Cooperation of private and state companies for the development of innovation economy in Russia
Mr. Mikhail Prokhorov, president “ONEXIM” group

Corporate Governance Standards at the ”Innovation and Investment Market“
Mr. Dionis Gordin, RUSNANO, Managing Director

Session 2. Trends in Board Practices and Directors' Liabilities
Moderator: Alexander Landia, SUEK, Chairman of the Board

Independent Directors in State-owned Companies: Results and Achievements
Ms. Anna Belova, Sheremetyevo Airport, Independent Director

Nomination and Election of Independent Directors in the State-Owned Companies
Mr. Harald Norvik, Telenor, Chairman of the Board (tbc)
Mr. Gerald Rohan, “OGK-5”, Independent Director

Auditor about Boards: main points
Mr. Peter Gerendasi, PWC Russia, Managing Partner

Boards in Turbulent Times
Mr. Alexander Ikonnikov, IDA, Chairman of the Board

Role of Independent Directors in Supervising Risks - Foreign speaker
Mr. Neville Bain, IoD, Chaiman of the Board

Boards: Liability for Distorted Motivation Systems for Managers
Mr. Paul Ostling, NACD USA, Member of “Blue Ribbon Committee” for corporate governance, MTS, Independent Director

After termination of the conference the solemn ceremony of awarding of National Award “Director of the year” 2009 winners will take place.
The event will take place at: Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Moscow, Tverskaya St., 3. conference will start at 3 pm, and Award Ceremony at 7 pm.
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