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Demand for software to monitor employees’ home activity skyrockets

1 Jun '20
Companies that offer software for the monitoring of employees who work online have reported a sharp rise in sales, a somewhat unexpected result of a mass shift to remote work, according to a recent survey among software developers by Forbes Russia.

The word came, among other companies, from Yva.ai, a Russian developer of AI-enabled software to analyze staff’s conduct, as well as from Natalia Kaspersky’s InfoWatch, Croc, and Zecurion.

Yva.ai, for example, announced an astonishing 38-time increase in orders for the technology in April compared to February, with sales quintupling over this two-month period. Its software analyzes who chats with whom in corporate email accounts, instant messengers and other systems (no personal correspondence in the social media is monitored), and also enables a series of 60-second long reporting sessions once a week for a select group of employees.

Demand for staff monitoring products now exceeds by 50% the supply plan InfoWatch approved prior to the pandemic, InfoWatch Vice President for Sales Konstantin Levin was quoted as saying. Most orders have come from a range of parastatal corporations, defense companies, energy companies, food companies, and chemical companies.
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