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Moscow-based seed stage funds support new VR tech

5 Dec '18
SKM Tracking, a Russian virtual reality project being developed by a team at the MPEI National Research University in Moscow, has raised $29,850 in a seed investment round, Firrma.ru reported.

The money came from the Moscow Seed Fund, the Moscow City owned investment arm, and NUMA Invest, a seed fund set up in Russia by a French acceleration program called NUMA Moscow.

The SKM Tracking project is aimed at developing a gamer motion tracking system to be used in multi-user full immersion VR zones. The innovation is expected to help integrators that build and launch such zones to expand their client base.

The university team is offering a new radio-inertial system powered by proprietary software. The solution is expected to lower the current market entry barrier for many VR zone operators that can’t afford costly equipment today, and to shorten the payback period as the SKM hardware component is relatively inexpensive.
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