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Russia considers green light for 14-year-old entrepreneurs

25 Jul '17
The State Duma, Russia’s lower house of Parliament, is to consider a draft bill that would allow Russian minors to register and start their own legal business at the age of 14 already, the Russian news agency TASS reported.

The initiative came from representative Andrei Svintsov of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party who is also the vice chairman of the Duma’s Committee for Information Policy, IT and Telecom. He argued that at this age, a child is “already an intellectually shaped person with his/her own opinion on a variety of issues.” Mr. Svintsov further maintained that by holding the 14-year-old Russian citizen accountable for criminal misdemeanors, a legislative decision made long ago, “the Russian legislators already determined the age, at which one is fully aware of what he/she does.” He also reminded that in some Russian regions, predominantly Muslim, one can get married at the age of 14.

The draft bill calls for allowing minors at the age of 14-18 to start entrepreneurial activity “with written consent from their parents, foster parents, or custodians.”

Currently the Russian law does not allow underage (under 18) citizens to do this kind of activity.
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