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EnBW airs $6.5bn Baltiyskaya nuclear intention

21 Apr '09
Germany’s EnBW has announced possible participation in the prospective $6.5bn Baltiyskaya nuclear project outside Kaliningrad.

The potential project is a focus of a memo signed between Energie Baden Wuerttemberg AG (EnBW), Germany’s third largest energy company, and Russia’s sole energy exporter Inter RAO UES.

Under tentative plans, two power units with the capacity of 1.2GW each and related infrastructure are to be built. An estimated deadline for the launch of the nuclear power station’s first unit is 2016.

The Baltiyskaya nuclear power project is expected to be implemented on a PPP basis, the report said. Russia’s state nuclear energy corporation Rosatom is to reportedly have 51% with the rest owned by private investors, including international ones. Inter RAO UES has been tasked to find any.

According to the German firm, EnBW and its Russian counterpart have been in talks over prospects of long-term energy supplies from the prospective power station.

The partners emphasize that no final decision has been made and no deal inked outside the above-mentioned memo, but the likelihood of a breakthrough is high.
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