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Efficient cathode materials for storage batteries

24 Dec '21
Researchers at the Center for Energy Science and Technology, which is a department of Skoltech University in Moscow, have offered a simple and scalable method of increasing the capacity of a wide range of cathode materials to be used in metal-ion storage batteries.

Research results may find their way into a possible new generation of advanced rechargeable energy storage devices.

At the core of the new approach is treating cathodes with reducing agents solutions, specifically alkali metal salts derived from aromatic molecules. Several types of such agents that come from substances like naphthalene were proven to be suitable.

Scalability is a strong competitive advantage for this approach. The process does not require special complex conditions and is relatively safe. Upon reacting with cathodes, the reducing agents can easily be re-used, a property that makes the technique promising enough for large-scale production.

This technology is applicable for the pre-alkaliation of various cathode materials, both organic and inorganic, which can be used not only for lithium-ion batteries but also for sodium- or potassium-ion ones which may offer an even safer and more attractive alternative to Li-ions.
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