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New telemedicine platform can chat with users

21 May '18
Qapsula, a new Russian telemedicine service, is developing its own telemedicine platform that uses a mobile app and chatterbox to remind the user of the next doctor appointment / online consultation and when it may be necessary to go buy a new supply of medicines.

To benefit from the service, patients are expected to download the Qapsula app using a QR code indicated on medicine packages. The app enables them to get doctor advice on the pills they are taking, a medical instrument they would like to use, or the clinical course of their diseases.

Its a helper for physicians, too; they get the opportunity to remotely monitor their patients and advise them, if needed. According to Qapsula CEO Dmitry Maznitsa, more than 3,000 physicians representing 85 medical professions have registered on the Qapsula portal, all ready to provide counseling and develop a personalized diagnostics/therapy plan on a 24/7 basis.

Last summer Dmitry Shatalin, the founder and CEO of Medintorg, a Russian medicines importer and supplier, bought 40.8% of Qapsulareportedly in an effort to make it easier for the start-up to develop lasting relationships with pharmas and medical equipment manufacturers.

Earlier this year Russias Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF, aka FRII in Russian) closed a $263,000 investment deal with Qapsula to help the start-up upgrade the functionality of its service, and put together marketing measures.
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