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BoomStarter.ru, crowdfunding service for Russian talent

28 Aug '12
As innovation news portal Venture Business News reports, the beta-version of BoomStarter.ru has been launched. Its a crowdfunding project aimed at helping talented people gain recognition without expensive producers and go-betweensonly by using public preferences.

The Boomstarter.ru founders, Duslan Tugushev and Yevgeny Gavrilin, have years of experience in online promotion. The new platform has taken a lot after the U.S. Kickstarter.com and is designed to bring together creative ideas from a variety of industries and a lot of active Internet users from all over Russia.

One can request funding via BoomStarter for everything from games and software to movies, books, music, technology, etc.

To avoid poor implementation of projects, BoomStarter is pledging to give project developers either the entire amount required to get a project off the ground, or nothing. In the latter scenario, the money is given back to the users that have invested in the project.

BoomStarter reportedly has curators, companies that can support a project they like. These are large companies with sizable Internet traffic, the service developers say. BoomStarter takes a 5% commission, but if a project has failed to raise an amount required the commission is not charged and the money goes back to sponsors.
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